Link Building / Backlink Building

Since the late ‘90s, the web has been a large voting system, with links (also called backlinks) being perceived by the search engines as votes of popularity and importance for the recipient. The search engines interpret these links through the use of complex algorithms to evaluate a website and thus gauge how well it should be ranked in the search results.

Links are not the be-all and end-all of an SEO campaign but they still make up the majority factor when it comes to search engines calculating how high your website appears in the search results pages.

Of course, not all links are worth the same; each link to your website is individually evaluated by the search engines. The evaluation process includes relevancy, quality, follow attribute, anchor text and freshness. Before initiating a link building campaign, we will explain these factors in more detail to you.

The search engines also look at the overall picture of links to your website, commonly referred to as your link profile, so not only is it important to acquire quality links, it is also important to make this growth look natural to the search engines to avoid penalties.

Altius have been providing link building services to clients and marketing agencies for many years. All our link building is performed in-house by highly trained professionals with years of link building experience. We do not sub-contract any aspect of our link building work.

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