Page Content Optimisation

The search engines always want to provide their customers (the searcher) with the most relevant information to answer the search query. They do this by analysing the content on almost every website and recording it’s relevancy to specific keywords or phrases.

The next time a person performs a search, they will present their relevant findings in the search results pages. If your website is deemed not relevant, you have very little or no chance of appearing in the results.

The search engines use the content you have written on your pages to try to determine what that page is talking about and therefore which search phrases that page would be most relevant to.

For example, if your page wishes to rank for the search term “blue widgets”, it needs to be mentioned on the page. It is not sufficient to simply mention the term, it needs to be mentioned in very specific areas of the page and also to the correct keyword density.

As part of the SEO campaign, we will re-write the pages of your website to ensure that each page is correctly targeted to the specific search terms you wish to be found for in the search results pages. We also make recommendations on site structure, URLs and other areas of SEO ‘best practice’.

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