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Google Link Spam Update

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It’s been a year of Google algorithm updates so far, but if you thought it was all over, unfortunately you thought wrong.

Google has launched yet another algorithm update aimed at “nullifying” spammy links. So if you or your SEO company were building any dubious links, you may see a drop in rankings over the next couple of weeks due to this new algorithm update.

Google has purposely used the word “nullify” in their release, which does not necessarily translate to “penalise”, as they declare that links classed as spammy will only be ignored and your site will not incur a penalty as such, however a drop in rankings is near enough a penalty. AT least ignored links are better than being penalised, forcing you to go back through your link profile and doing an ‘official’ clean-up job.

If you see a drop in rankings over the coming weeks and think you may have got caught out by the latest update, please feel free to contact us to help you out.